Cultivating Kindness

Cultivating Kindness

‘Revolution is love if it wants to be worthy of its name’
(Srecko Horvat)

The application of mind/body practices such as mindfulness meditation have become an established resource within the alter-globalisation movement. A number of ways in which such practices can support collective struggle are being explored, from improving anti-oppression training to facilitating alliance formation across political differences.

We believe that to successfully realise a more participatory, cooperative, non-exploitative, ecologically sustainable and peaceful world, the forms of organisation which lead the transition towards such a system require a pre-modelling of the quality of world we envision, through adopting propositional activities firmly based in love. Such a widespread co-production of this new love ethic will offer a clear, cohesive frame of reference within which the new system can be incubated, nurtured and sustained.

Loving-Kindness meditation is an excellent way to cultivate our capacity for kindness, and can be an invaluable support for those of us who wish to become more engaged with helping others, with social activism or with any form of working towards a better world.

Discover many more guided talks and meditations on loving-kindness at Dharma Seed (where loving-kindness is also called ‘metta’)

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