Solidarity Network

OK Solidarity Network

Our principles of solidarity can be expressed through the concept of Ubuntu, best described through the Nguini proverb ‘Umuntu ngu-umuntu ngobantu’ meaning ‘I am because we are’. This sense of collective solidarity is expressed through love, caring, tolerance, respect, empathy, accountability and responsibility. We practice this solidarity by partnering with communities, grass-roots organizations and campaigns who share our values and vision of a better, kinder and more loving world, who in turn benefit from the support of our global community.


Mandala Trust

The Mandala Trust launched Operation Kindness in 2014. They are dedicated to supporting children and young people in vulnerable situations around the world. This is accomplished through the development of an ever-expanding network of volunteers, supporters, and community-based organisations who work together in friendship and solidarity. As a collective they are committed to the values of generosity, kindness, compassion, wisdom, and understanding. They target dedicated organisations and individuals working for their communities at a grass-roots level, and support them through small grants, capacity building, and developing sustainability.


HEAL International

A nonprofit organization that provides health education, micro-grants for women, and health-related support to resource-limited communities. The work of HEAL International is based on the principle that every human life has equal value, irrespective of socioeconomic status.


Love Activists Brighton

Love Activists Brighton is an offshoot of the original Love Activist direct action group in London. A new network of activists uniting as one for all causes. For all of humanity. They are a decentralized, un-financed family of revolutionaries prepared to encourage people to take action and show love to people in their community. The Love Activists believe that in order to make the radical change necessary we need to reconnect with our common purpose. Peace. Unity. Respect. Truth. Freedom & Love!


Share Peace-Permaculture

A community-based organization with a passion for sustainable development and organic farming practices. Helping rural people in Kenya to escape extreme poverty by returning to permaculture principles.



Offering compassionate medical care for the poor, elderly and disabled in the remote villages of Ramechapp, providing community development and support, education and training. The organisation aims to ‘change the world one life at a time’.



A non-profit community development organization which supports and empowers those living with and affected by HIV and AIDS using dynamic, innovative and compassionate responses such as information and advocacy services, child support services, youth awareness and education programmes, gender transformative education and permaculture and recycling projects.


Planting a Future Zambia

A non-profit charity fighting chronic hunger and malnutrition by supplying vulnerable households, churches, schools or orphanages with fruit trees and dietary advice. They strive to create jobs within their community and support women through skills training. They are also supporting a free library for both children and adults. They aim to create a self-sustainable community and hope to expand their ideas all over Zambia.

HEART OF WORLD (Republic of Benin)

Heart of World

An NGO dedicated to the promotion of democracy, gender and education, human rights, social and economic change and in particular working with young people.

Community Education Resources Foundation (CERFO) (Tanzania)


A registered non-profit organization that works to improve and raise the social-economic standards of their community through community development projects, the empowerment of women, supporting vulnerable members of the community and providing a free community library.

Dharma Action Network for Climate Engagement (DANCE) (UK)


DANCE is a meeting place between spiritual practice and political activism, a space for connecting to explore the breadth of possible Dharma responses to climate change and related issues. DANCE offers an opportunity to network and form more localized groups of support, activity and action, and hatch wonderful and kind ideas together.

Freely Given Retreats (UK)

Freely Given Retreats

A small charity that believes money should not be a barrier to learning and practising meditation. Weeklong silent retreats in the Buddhist tradition are organised by volunteers and offered freely, with an invitation to donate what you are able. Everyone is welcome!

WeLiterate! (Zimbabwe)


WeLiterate invests in women and girls literacy in order to accelerate social justice & equal participation in Zimbabwe. They provide women and girls with the critical knowledge, skills and opportunities to effectively engage in the sustainable development and governance of their communities and societies, actively engaging women and girls as agent of social change.